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As a personal brand strategist I help our clients maximize their authority and influence to accelerate business growth and gain recognition.

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Why Your Personal Brand Matters

According to The Dictionary Of Brand by Marty Neumeier, a brand is: “a person’s perception of a product, service, experience, or organization.” Now extrapolate that to your personal brand and your personal brand is how you are perceived by others. Therefore, a personal brand is not a logo, a brand identity, a mission statement, a website, or a social media channel. Those add up to your personal brand, but by themselves are not your personal brand.

So, let’s say you’re an entrepreneur, influencer, or work for yourself, your business is built on your reputation and expertise. One way to look at your personal brand is what is the underlying factor(s) that will make someone ultimately choose to work with you oversomeone else or buy your products over someone else’s or hire you over someone else.

As a personal brand strategist who has worked with many notable personalities I can transform you into a powerful and positive brand. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur an established businessman a talented artist politician or a social worker you have the potential to Become a brand.

Once you mature into a brand You will be able to leverage innumerable opportunities to promote your business and projects effortlessly by creating a number of opportunities for public engagement Your public profile will be enhanced. Through your speeches writings and comments, You strengthen Your authoritative voice which in turn helps in marketing your business the natural way.

Come and explore the immense potential of your personal brand with me.

My Journey To Personal Branding

Let me narrate my story. I spent my childhood in a village in Kerala, and I was fond of writing and was quite enthusiastic about any opportunity to speak, sing and act onstage…well at school functions and community programs. I always grabbed all opportunities that allowed me to express myself. It was the beginning of a conscious attempt to build a personal brand out of myself, I suspect.
By the time I graduated from college, I had become a recognizable brand, sort of! After my MBA, I was drawn to entrepreneurship and launched a few ventures, some as partnerships in India, Dubai and Qatar. I also worked for a few companies during this period.
All along, I took care to build lasting relations with people of all types and potential. I noticed in dismay that everyone is a brand unto themselves, but only a few realised it. That was the beginning of my journey into the wonderful world of personal branding.
I studied all I could about public relations and communications, and how to build positive brands out of people by allowing them to highlight their vision and capabilities.
I started off by helping some of my talented friends and associates on a personal level as a personal brand strategist. After learning all the tricks of the game of personal branding, I floated my own personal branding agency in Dubai
Since its launch, I’ve offered my personal branding services to entrepreneurs, actors, politicians, community leaders and other luminaries.

What I do is what I love to do.

personal brand strategist
personal brand strategist

About Personal Brand Strategist
Farhan Akthar

Development of a marketing framework for a business is known as Branding. Personal branding is the build and foundation of an individual’s brand in the competitive work landscape. With thousands of businesses vying for attention, It can be challenging to distinguish yourself. 


As a personal brand strategist, I specialize in helping emerging and established businesspersons alike by using my expertise to bring the spotlight to their brand.


In addition to our services, our personal branding company offers one-on-one consultations to increase your chances of success and recognition. Personal branding empowers you to manage your own storyline and present yourself in the most favorable way possible. 


By showcasing your experience in your industry and building a strong personal brand, you can instill trust in potential clients and increase the probability of doing business with them.


This personal branding accelerator in Dubai can guide you to garner attention, create a reputation and maintain customer satisfaction by giving you the utmost personal brand training sessions.

Building Strong Brands One Person at a Time

Full Service Personal Branding

XAD FUTURE is a full-service personal branding agency with marketing, public relations, and social media management. We help our clients build and maximize their authority and influence through strategic, full-service custom content creation, distribution, and social media management. Get the authority, influence, and trust to become the go-to expert in your market that will have your desired clients coming to you.

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Where Others "Consult" We Do

88% of consumers do research before they purchase, such as who is the best, what are the ratings and reviews and any other supporting info, etc. I would much rather do my research on a company or a potential partner /service provider to know they’re legit before I decide to work with them.

If someone does research on you or your expertise, what will they find? Ideally, you’d like them to find the content you created, such as a blog article, a video on your YouTube channel that specifically speaks to them, and the problem they are currently having. They then recognize you as an authority and the obvious choice to help them solve their problem. Hence, your personal brand, people can research you and your company and decide whether you’re worth working with.

Regardless of whether or not you’re paying attention to your personal brand, people are already making judgments about you based on it. Not having a personal brand is no longer an option. You already have a personal brand and it’s either helping you or hurting you.

Analyze further. I undertook to notice how I was dealing with old and new leads. The trust I build in clients has become the foundation of my business. Being transparent and reliable, my customers loved the way I treated them and the way I interacted with them. I realized that most of the clients were approaching s beacause of me rather than our company name. When the leads to the firm was done by reference with myself more, Deep down it striked that I am a brand myself and I decided I am the right person for the same..

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Personal branding is in fact very crucial if you are serious about your business. First and foremost, it makes you relatable to your targets. With personal branding in Dubai, you stay at the top of mind of prospects. In other words, it increases your influence and thus business by building your authority and relevance. In business trust matters and by branding you get exactly that. 

Increased success in the business world. Thousands of self help books, programs, personal coaches, and articles exist to help individuals learn to self-brand.

If you are looking for a personal branding strategist in Dubai, you must consider various factors- experience, commitment and portfolio are just a few to mention. As a personal brand specialist, I have years of experience and have worked with many reputed brands.  Started in a modest setting, I have always been passionate ever since and it paid off really well. Projects come to me through references mainly; beyond skill sets, it was because of the way I treated my clients and the commitment I showed as their personal branding expert.

A personal branding consultant takes care of how you are perceived in an industry. He knows what works and how to implement the right strategies to keep you dominant and relevant in the market. With competition rising high in every domain, personal branding is now quite inevitable. In fact it is not a one time activity but an ongoing process that has to be tactically ensured by a personal branding consultant who really knows the job.

When we discuss marketing, earlier it was solely about marketing a product or a company. However today things have drastically changed and it is well understood that in many niches and domains, personal branding works better than branding a product, service or the organization itself. In 2023 also, with digital marketing taking new twists and turns, significance and benefits of digital personal branding are going to increase only.

Social media can surely play a very crucial role in personal branding in 2023. If we look from a psychological view point, most people spend time on social media in their leisure time with a relaxed state of mind. So, being active or even just visible in social media would definitely be helpful in your branding efforts. You just have to identify the channel or platform where the majority or your prospects spend time on. Also, plans should be made based on the time they are most active. Social media is in fact the best option to interact with your prospects on an informal note which would be a much more personalized experience. 

People adore you when you share content of value to them. Content marketing can surely help in personal branding. The only thing is that the content you share should be relatable to your audience. It should educate them about something new or something of relevance to them. The way you do content marketing and the channel you choose for the same is also important to ensure that you get maximum benefits of digital personal branding.